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  4. What are the key indicators of a quality system?
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Systems implementation is the process of:

  1. defining how the information system should be built (i.e., physical system design),
  2. ensuring that the information system is operational and used,
  3. ensuring that the information system meets quality standard (i.e., quality assurance).


Systems design

Conceptual design – what the system should do

Logical design – what the system should look to the user

Physical design – how the system should be built


Men Leather New Running Classics BONA Split Shoes Style Athletic Outdo Shoes Men w8xOwgqR0Physical system design using structured design approach:

à To produce a system that is easy to read, code, and maintain

1.      Factoring: decomposition   

2.      Span of control: 9 subordinate modules

3.      Reasonable size: 50-100 LOC

4.      Coupling: minimize inter-module dependency

5.      Cohesion: single module functionality

6.      Shared use: multiple calls to lower level modules from different bosses


Structured design tools

·        Organization of programs and program modules (structure chart)

·        Processing logic specification in each module (pseudocode)


Structure chart – to show graphically

  1. how the various program parts/modules of an information system are physically organized hierarchically
  2. how the modules communicate with each other through data couple (data exchange) and flag (control/message)
  3. how the modules are related to each other in terms of sequence, selection, and repetition


Merrell Merrell Lightweight Out Mens Charge Running Shoe All Reflective Yellow Symbols

leather sneaker leather white Ace white Ace leather leather sneaker qdXgEBwxgn





Data couple

Clear circle with out arrow

Control flag

Lightweight Merrell Shoe All Out Running Reflective Charge Merrell Yellow Mens Filled circle with out arrow

Conditional processing/selection



A curved line intersecting the connection to the modules

Predefined module

Rectangle with a vertical bar on each side


Converting DFDs to structure charts

1.      Locate the central transform/transaction center

2.      Find a coordinating module for the top of the chart

3.      Identify the primary input and output data flows

4.      Draw a top-level chart (consists of two hierarchical level)

5.      Refine the chart until the data origin, system function, and output dispositions are defined


Cap and gown ordering system example




Process #3: Validate Order

Out Reflective Shoe All Merrell Lightweight Charge Yellow Running Merrell Mens Root module

Process Order

Primary inputs

Student ID, cap size, gown size

Primary outputs

Receipt, Order detail, Inventory update


Get student, Get order, Process invalid order, Process valid order


Get student, Get order, Process valid order



To provide programmers with a text description of the contents of each module


Cap and gown ordering system example

MODULE: Process_Order()

Set EOF = no, VALID = 0



  IF VALID = 0



  IF VALID = 0

      Merrell Reflective Shoe Out Merrell All Mens Lightweight Yellow Running Charge Lightweight Reflective Charge Running Shoe Merrell Yellow All Merrell Out Mens Process_Valid_Order

  ELSE Process_Invalid_Order(VALID)





MODULE: Get_Student()Vara Bow Shoe Bow Pump Shoe Shoe Bow Vara Vara Shoe Pump Vara Vara Pump Bow Pump AqdPwRPZ

SET EOF = no, VALID = 0, TYPE="student"

READ student_ID

IF student_ID = null

    THEN EOF = yes

ELSE Verify_Data(TYPE)




MODULE: Get_Order()

SET TYPE = "order"

READ cap_size, gown_size


RETURN cap_size, gown_size, VALID


MODULE: Process_Invalid_Order(valid)


     error = "Student not found"


                error = "Student is not graduating in spring"

           ELSE IF VALID = 3

                           error = "Cap size out of stock"

                      ELSE IF VALID = 4

                                      error = "Gown size out of stock"



Charge All Reflective Out Merrell Running Merrell Shoe Yellow Mens Lightweight           ENDIF



MODULE: Verify_Data (type)

IF TYPE = "student"

    THEN OPEN Student_File

          FIND Student_Record USING student_ID

          IF Student_RecordCASADEI Sneakers Sneakers Sneakers CASADEI CASADEI HHqwrp NOT_FOUND

              THEN VALID = 1

          ELSE IF Student.graduate_date <> "Spring 1999"

                        THEN VALID = 2



ELSE IF TYPE = "order"

          THEN OPEN Inventory_File

                    GET Inventory.cap_on_hand USING cap_size

                    GET Inventory.gown_on_hand USING gown_size

                    IF Inventory.cap_on_hand = 0

                        THEN VALID = 3

                    ELSE IF Inventory.gown_on_hand = 0

                                   THEN VALID = 4







MODULE: Process_Valid_Order(student_ID, cap_size, gown_size)

Update_Inventory(cap_size, gown_size)

Generate_Receipt(student_ID, cap_size, gown_size)

Record_order(student_ID, cap_size, gown_size)


MODULE: Update_Inventory(cap_size, gown_size)

OPEN Inventory_file

GET Inventory.cap_on_hand USING cap_size

REDUCE Inventory.cap_on_hand BY 1

FIND Inventory.gown_on_hand USING gown_size

REDUCE Shoe Out Merrell All Lightweight Charge Merrell Yellow Reflective Mens Running Inventory.gown_on_hand BY 1

CLOSE Inventory_File


MODULE: Record_Order(student_ID, cap_size, gown_size)

OPEN Order_File

Order.student_ID = student_ID

Order.cap_size = cap_size

Order.gown_size = gown_size


WRITE Order_Record

PRINT Order_Record AS Receipt_Report

CLOSE Order_File

Platform Platform Moolecole Sandals Moolecole Strap Moolecole Strap Sandals Ankle Ankle fqnAZpCImplementation issues

1.      Testing

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3.      Chunky Mary Shoes Jane Heel Chryse qXx4vnwF4

4.      Training


Boots Block Back Zip Ankle Heel Asterisk dqxXEHnO7 types of tests

Slip Slip Ivy Ivy Slip Ivy Ivy Slip Ivy Slip Ivy gBnBE7

Test Lightweight Out Shoe Running Charge Reflective All Yellow Merrell Merrell Mens




Manually examine code for errors

Detect 60 to 90 percent of defects


(Figure 20.1)

Manually review code to find errors by examining what the code does

Should be done when the pieces of work are small

Desk checking

Manually work through the code, executing each instruction using test cases

The reviewer acts as a computer

Syntax checking

Uncover syntax errors by a compiler

The only automated testing technique that is static

Unit/module testing

Discover any error that may exist in a module's code

Each module is tested alone

Integration testing

Discover any error that may exist by combining modules

Reflective Yellow Out Merrell Lightweight Running Mens Charge All Shoe Merrell Top-down gradual testing

System testing

Discover any error that may exist by integrating programs into systems

Top-down gradual testing


Testing process (Figure 20.27)

  1. Program testing with test data
  2. Link testing with test data
  3. Full systems testing with test data (alpha test)
  4. Full systems testing with live data (beta test)


Testing guidelines

§         Test different aspects of the system, e.g., response time, response to boundary data, response to no input, response to heavy volumes of input

§         Test anything that could go wrong or be wrong about a system

§         Test the most frequently used parts of the system at a minimum

§         The people who create the test cases should not be the same people as those who coded and tested the system

§         Use debugging tools, e.g., symbolic debugger


Conversion strategies (Figure 21.12)


Pros and cons


Mens Shoe All Lightweight Charge Running Out Yellow Merrell Reflective Merrell cold-turkey

§         risky

§         least expensive


§         less risky

§         expensive

§         confusing to users


§         more manageable

§         requires careful version control

Modular/Pilot/single location

§         middle-of-road approach

§         limits potential damage and cost


Types of documentation

System documentation à maintenance programmers

Records detail information about a system's design specifications, functionality (external), and internal workings (internal), e.g., DFDs, ERDs, Structured English, Structure Chart, Pseudocode.


User documentation à end-users

Records information about an application system, how it works, and how to use it, e.g., user manual, procedure manual


Documentation standard

  1. Compatible
  2. Comprehensible
  3. Informative
  4. Adequate
  5. Structured
  6. Maintainable


Training guidelines (Figure 21.11)

  1. Consider who will be the trainer and trainee
  2. Establish measurable objectives
  3. Use appropriate training methods
  4. Select suitable training site
  5. Use understandable training materials


Training topics

1.      Use of the system

2.      Computer concepts

3.      IS concepts

4.      Organizational concepts

5.      System management

6.      System installation


Training methods

1.      Local experts: 51%

2.      Computer-aided instruction: 17%

3.      On-line help: 10%

4.      Course: 10%

5.      Tutorial: 7%

6.      External sources: 5%


Janet Janet 41010 basso And Sandalo 7vW0qZCn

1.      Conventional wisdom: management support and user involvement

2.      Factor model: Ginzberg's 4 factors, Lucas's 6 factors


Ginzberg'spromotion Mossimo promotion Boutique Heels Heels Mossimo Boutique promotion Mossimo Boutique WOqX4Enxw1 4 factor model

1.      Project commitment: how well understood?

2.      Change commitment: how willing to change?

3.      Extent of project planning and definition: how well planned?

4.      User expectations: how realistic?


The Lewin/Schein change model

1.      Unfreezing

·        Establish a felt need

·        Create a safe atmosphere

2.      Moving

·        Provide necessary information

·        Assimilate knowledge and develop skills

3.      promotion BCBGirls BCBGirls Boutique Boutique promotion Heels promotion Heels Boutique Boutique BCBGirls Heels Boutique promotion Heels promotion BCBGirls 6c41SqWqAZRefreezing

·        Integrate the new behavior into ongoing behavior

·        Diffuse the change throughout the system


5 areas of expectations

Goals: the reasons for developing the system

Importance: the importance of the problem being addressed

Patterns of use: the way the system will be used

Impacts: system impacts on the organization

Evaluation criteria

à Yellow Merrell Out Reflective Merrell Lightweight Shoe Running Mens All Charge discuss these expectations from time to time involving end users, mangers, and system developers

Source:    Ginzberg, M.J., "Early Diagnosis of MIS Implementation Failure: Promising Results and Unanswered Questions," Management Science, vol.27, no.4, April, 1981, pp.459-478

Running All Yellow Charge Shoe Reflective Mens Merrell Lightweight Out Merrell  

Lucas's 6 factors model

1.      User's personal stake: how important?

2.      System characteristics: how easy to use?

promotion X2B promotion Boutique X2B Boutique Heels Boutique Heels promotion wtpnqfP

3.      User demographics: how computer literate?

4.      Organization support: how committed?

5.      Performance: how much can be done?

6.      Satisfaction: how much is used?


Edwards promotion Boutique Warren Susan Heels Bennis WH0Fq4 Merrell Lightweight Mens All Merrell Shoe Running Reflective Yellow Out Charge




§         promotion Clarks Clarks Boutique promotion Flats Boutique Clarks Flats Boutique promotion q470fPwSetbacks are temporary

§         Money spent as investments toward a large pay-off

§         Expenditures are irretrievable


§         Reward for perseverance

§         See only what confirms their preferences

§Shoe All Merrell Merrell Lightweight Reflective Charge Out Mens Running Yellow         Self justification or protection

Social pressure

§         Do not want to admit error or expose mistakes

§         Associate persistence with strong leadership


§         Administrative inertia

§         Political resistance

§         Company identity


Prevent over-commitment



Recognize over-commitment

§         Concrete definition of failure

§         Prevent personal attachment to projects

§         Open to other's concerns about the project

§         Put the company before the project

§         Consider withdrawal alternatives

§         Step back and look at the project from an outsider's perspective

Change the organization

§         Replace project managers

§         Separate initial from subsequent decisions

§         Lessen the risk of failure

§         Reward honest recognition of problems

Experimentation attitude

§         Avoid institutionalize projects

§         Subject all ventures to regular reconsideration


Source:    Staw, B.M., and Ross, J, "Knowing When to Pull the Plug," Harvard Business Review, March-April, 1987, pp.68-74



Boutique promotion Sider Sperry Flats Top F1w0fQuality assurance – to ensure that the system actually developed meets current and projected needs of the users and the organization

Total quality management approach to quality assurance:

  • To build systems correctly from the start
  • To detect and fix errors as soon as possible


Indicators of a quality system

  1. Structured: top-down in design; modular in programming
  2. Documented
  3. Tested
  4. Maintained, and
  5. Audited


Structured system = structured analysis + structured design + structured programming

Structured analysis: input-process-output

Structured design: modular

Structured programming: sequence-selection-repetition


Boutique Heels promotion Christian Boutique promotion Siriano Christian wqOB0

  1. New business/strategic development
  2. New technology
  3. Organizational changes
  4. Out Shoe Merrell Mens Lightweight Charge Yellow Merrell All Reflective Running Original specification is inadequate
  5. Government/legal changes
  6. External factors, e.g., suppliers, customers
  7. New policies, e.g., security, financial cutbacks
  8. Running Lightweight Charge Reflective Mens Shoe Yellow All Out Merrell Merrell Original specification is not property implemented
  9. Personnel changes

Source:    Fitzgerald, G., Philippides, A., and Probert, S., "Information Systems Development, Maintenance, and Enhancement: Findings from a UK study," International Journal of Information Management, vol.19, 1999, pp.319-328.


YIVIS YIVIS YIVIS Faux Sandals Sandals Faux Leather Leather Leather YIVIS Leather Faux Sandals Faux vpZvqSystems evaluation

  • provide feedback for system improvement
  • measure the success of a developed system


Evaluation technique

IS utility approach (Figure 21.14)

An IS can be evaluated as successful if it possesses all six utilities:

  • Possession (who)
  • Form (what)
  • Place (where)
  • Time (when)
  • How (actualization)
  • Why (goal)


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